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Doug Miller is the vice president of marketing at


Thanks for reading On Talent. I publish this blog-- it's my point of view. If you like it please tell others about it. If you don't--tell me. That's the point, it's a conversation. On Talent is consistent with the philosophy of my employer,, but it doesn't represent the official position or views of the company. I must be doing okay so far 'cuz no one's called me on it.


Passion: I have always been a champion of change. I love to lead the charge in changing things--with an intent to change things for the better. It's not always popular--or easy--but I can't recall a time when the results haven't been worth the effort.

Experience: I have been a marketing guy for 25 years. Customer advocacy has always been my rallying cry. For the past 7 years (with a 2 year hiatus in the middle) I have been with This is a great place to work for a lot of reasons. For me it matches my passion for change with the company's passion for changing the way the world hires.


(Or what I'd being doing if work wasn't actually fun!)... Nature photography--35mm, digital, large format, you name it ( Golf--flirting with scratch. Music--I play in a jump blues band called Mopac and the Blue Suburbans, we actually get paid sometimes ( Travel--even when the company doesn't foot the bill. Movies--when the weather's too bad to do any of the above.