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Getting passive candidates to make the move requires that they see a compelling reason. This won't happen by posting a job description on a job board.

Seems like a negative comment with no real substance......or solution.

Ask job seekers why they visit Monster? or Hotjobs or any job board.

The consistent answer will be:
a) They have had a positive experience
b) They desire to have a positive experience
c) There is a level of expectation within the content (be it the job postings or the potential to get contacted)


This won't happen by posting a job description on a job board.

How about by utilizing the various marketing products that job boards offer.

Say, if you are looking for sales pros, visiting the sales channel and viewing "targted" information on sales opportunities/testing/training is pretty "segmented" driven and offers the seekers and the ad buyers great value.

Why the negative on job boards? Didn't they help add life to your space? Haven't they taken away from the fax world of print.

It amazes me how far we have come as a space, but people still forget to remember what legitimized and continues to drive the online recruiting world.


This entry really relates the trends in internal hiring that companies are moving towards, rather than going external for talent.

There is an interview with Gerry Crispin on www.landed.fm who has studied the hiring trends of companies and gives advice to people in career transistion in how to best move directly into that line of hiring. Great interview from a man who really knows the hiring market trends.


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