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Alan Whitford

Hi Doug

Candidate Experience - not Candidate Process!!!!

Over and over again we are faced with companies that are so concerned with getting the process right (and even that is a struggle) that they forget who/what the object is.

See my next posting about CRM (the phrase I coined over here - Candidate Relationship Management). (http://e-recruitmentstrategy.blogspot.com/)

Keep up the good work.



I don't know anymore who referred my here, but the blog is great. Keep it up.

The story you write here reminds me about a similar experience that a friend experienced with a company in Singapore.

He applied for a job in Singapore, and was invited for an interview. However, he was/ is a very busy person, who is still employed at another company.

So he asked to have the first interview conducted by telephone - never to hear from the company again.

You can read the whole story here at my blog :)


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