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I enjoy your blog and the HR perspective you bring from the vendor side.

However, in some of your posts, I feel like fantasy outweighs reality. Did you not just live through the times when companies were wooing new employees with Porsches and bonuses before they ever did ANYTHING for the company. Are you not watching the fallout of poor labor practices in the NHL and have you not seen many a pro star get the big money and then not produce. Did we learn anything?

For you to compare what HR/staffing folks do to a “college recruitment” campaign is insane.

When your out in the field talking to clients/prospects, you constantly here that cost/cost containment are important, in fact always top of the list.

Ask the college coaches about cost………laugable, they are given open ended $$$ and creative folks to almost prey on young kids…….yes kids……17-18.

Many a company and HR person get the “sales” side of their role…………….your comparison has some baseline value, that’s about it………….

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