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Some points taken..........but one big thing you missed.

I agree with your relationship idea, do you buy a shovel when it snows? no, you have one in the garage ready to use..........

however people are not shovels and they are not interested in building towards "potential" jobs, they want to know what is cooking now............keeping attention without sounding like your full of BS is hard and frankly, getting harder.

Keep up the diversity in your posts, I enjoy the varying degrees of the content.


I would agree at one level that candidates are impatient for the "real thing." That level is, yes you are right for active candidates. I know from my own past experience, and those of many others who more typically passive candidates, that passive candidates are more tolerant and even appreciative of an ongoing relationship with an employer of choice until a good position opens.

Joe, thanks for the comments and the active dialog.

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