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Alan Whitford

Great synopsis Hank

Of course, I refer to the overall process as the Ostrich Head in the Sand approach. You know the one - it won't affect me, we always find the people WE need........

The demographic timebomb has already exploded 'over here'. The supposed flood of immigrant workers from the Ascension States into the UK just hasn't happened.

Recruitment companies are rubbing there hands in glee - as the next War for Talent is already under way.

And yet, the resistance to tools/technology and Culture Change is still massive. Lots for us to do:-)


Jim Durbin

I agree.

Far too many companies in St Louis are trying to wring the last few dollars out of their staffing companies with the VMS hook.

As smaller staffing firms and those not on preferred lists start to raid the companies, those clients who continue to treat their employees as commodities are losing large portions of their best teams.

Alan Whitford

AH, the old VMS ploy :-)

Over here (over 15.000 recruitment agencies in the UK), the VMS card was played when recruitment went down the pan a couple of years ago - companies claiming to now be 'service vendors'

Of course, VMS deals by the end clients were made by purchasing - lowest price of course. Most of the VMS deals are just not cost effective for the vendors - and certainly not skills effective for the customer!


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