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Alan Whitford

Talent Pool
Hi, just found your blog via Sumser article.

One of the key differntiators that I have talked about over here (Europe) is that eveyone has a talent pool if they have ANY type of candidate filing system - most just don't have any way of accessing it. Meanwhile, the accepted terminology that Hank started has a talent pool as an interactive, candidate communication environment.

My take is that what recruiters really really want is a 'talent puddle'- in other words the tradtional shortlist of truly qualified candidates.

In a sense, that is what Hire, Taleo, BrassRing and others are all really trying to achieve. Whereas the job boards area actually creating Talent Oceans.

Looking forward to further musings.



Alan--you are right on. That is why Hire has always promoted bringing job board candidates back to the corporate site to start a private relationship. That pool is based on interest profiles (not resumes) and the size is somewhat irrelevant--in fact the larger the better invoking the law of large numbers for tapping top talent. At the time a position is promoted, using a candidate self-service pre-screening filter narrows the pool to the *puddle* you describe. The posting on Plantronics from last Friday describes this well--in fact if you click on the hot link technology it will play a movie of Layne Buckley describing this filtering process.

Alan Whitford

Just read the plantronics article. Excellent and Layne sounds amazing. BTW, say hi to Hank and Bucky for me - you and I never met (I think), during my 2 year stint on the Advisory Board - but I like your thinking of setting up the blog.

Along those lines, you have inspired me to try it out


Still in formative stages - and I need to figure out links to yours and others - if you would be interestd.

Best regards


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