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Sam Patrick

When talent is in demand, recruiters have a chance to take make it happen for themselves as well.

By leveraging their position as the arbiters of talent - that is, who gets what - a savvy recruiter can get hiring managers to 'get with the program' (and maybe a raise). After all, recruiters bring the lifeblood into each department. The uncooperative manager is wasting resources by dropping the ball and falls down the list of recruiting priorities. So, while you upgrade your skills, upgrade the rest of your team at the same time.

Recruiting is a lot more fun when everyone is on the same page.

Klas K.

Thanks for interesting thoughts about recruitment!

The rules/methods for hiring will definitely change as we move further and further into a knowledge based economy.

The other day I read an interesting essay "Hiring is Obsolete" by Paul Graham, derived from a talk at Berkley. The essay very much confirms your view of a shift of power in favour of talent.


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